[contact] Rob's voicemail
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Hiya, you've reached Rob. I'm not in right about now, but if you leave me a message I'll get all back to ya as soon as I can. Thanks very much, and have a great day!


[Muse and mun can be reached here. Fear not, we don't bite. :p]

cupid, draw back your bow (valentine's day for likeitoldschool)
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(bendytime to Valentine's Day evening :P)

Rob had been very methodical about Valentine's Day, mostly because it felt a little like his first. And it was, for all intents and purposes. Some days he was still a little messed up by the new wash of thoughts and feelings that had come from falling in love, realizing that half of him had been asleep for far too long. Other days, though, his feelings brought with them an almost frightening sort of focus: for him, the world began and ended on Alexis Castle.

Still, they were both very young, and had a lot of time to sort things out...and that was what tonight was all about. At least, that was what Rob kept telling himself.

He wasn't sure how clear it was, inviting her over for the evening, but he hoped it sent a very clear message, as he was usually pretty careful about not being too much alone with her, especially now that her dad knew about them (a thing that came to light after Mr. Castle had pulled him aside one day, fondly told him he liked Rob...and reminded him that he planned murders for a living). He tried to keep it relaxed but intimate, ordering sandwiches from TRON (one of the first places they'd ever studied together) and playing some music softly in the background (mostly Eighties hair bands, because roller derby was sort of Eighties, and he'd first met her while she was out skating...it made sense in his head, at any rate.).

A nice pair of jeans and a white t-shirt completed his outfit...which could easily pass for a Fifties ensemble if he added his leather jacket and rolled a pack of cards in the sleeve like a pack of cigarettes, just in case Alexis felt like going to the sock hop later on.

He wasn't hoping that his outfit wouldn't matter. He wasn't hoping he could change later if he needed to, and he absolutely wasn't hoping that a rather embarrassing shopping trip earlier in the day was going to be something he was grateful for.

He wasn't hoping for any of that, because tonight was not about being disrespectful or cheap. Tonight was about figuring things out. Her, him...them.

If it didn't work out, he could wait. If it did, though...well, it sure would make her dad's poker nights a lot more fun.

[jpi] Rob on his first day of school in San Francisco
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[These West Coast fellas are real fashion-conscious, aren't they? All day long, keep elbowing me to look at the cheerleading uniforms...

Guess I'm just glad Mr. Zetes didn't open up his institute in LA, know what I mean?]


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