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RP journal for hearts_andminds.

Fandom: Dark Visions trilogy
Media: Books

Rob Kessler is a seventeen year old psychic from North Carolina, and a subject at the Zetes Institute. His power is the ability to heal by manipulating life energy (also described as chi or "qi"). His powers came to light after a hang-gliding accident when he was fourteen that left him in a coma for some time. When he awoke, he could heal...unfortunately, the trauma of the accident also affected him psychologically, robbing him of his awareness of women in a sexual capacity. He started his time as a research subject in Durham, NC, where he first encountered telepath and Zetes fellow Gabriel Wolfe.

Rob is described as having blond hair and golden eyes. He is large and muscular, and speaks with a soft drawl. He comes to the village in the middle of The Strange Power, where he is giving Kaitlyn energy after her first encounter with the crystal. It is also during this session that he starts to remember what girls are for.

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